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Who We Are

What started off as a dream to cultivate skilled artists and equip successful leaders has now become a successful Christian Dance Company in the Atlanta, Georgia area and beyond. Since opening its doors in 2017, Dancing With Delight LLC has managed to captivate the hearts of audiences nationwide with a variety of quality performances, workshops, and classes. We are a full service organization that brings illumination to the world through dance education. We delight in our ability to provide exemplary dance training and proficient professional talent.

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Dancing With Delight LLC provides services to clients in academic, studio, liturgical, community, and professional settings.

All services are based on individual consultation. Contact Dancing With Delight LLC for any inquires.

 Proficient Choreographers

We provide proficient choreographers that will bring your artistic vision to life. 

-Academic Settings: K-12 recitals, Competition dance routines, and Residencies for Post-Secondary Institutions

-Studio Settings: Company choreography, Competitions, and Recital/Production choreography 

-Community Settings: Parades, Festivals, Arts Exhibits,  Banquets, and Pageants

-Liturgical Settings: Choreography for weekly services and special events 

-Other Settings: Weddings receptions, Birthday parties, Anniversaries, and Other events upon request

Two Women Dancing

Teaching Professionals

We provide teaching professionals for technical dance instruction in ballet, pointe, modern, jazz, Hip Hop, break dancing,  tap, liturgical, and African dance.  Every professional we employ has a Bachelors degree in dance (or related field) from an accredited institution, or an extensive professional dance career with references. 

-Academic Settings: K-12, After School Programs, and Post-Secondary Institutions

-Studio Settings: Private lessons, Technical instruction, Workshops, and Master classes

-Community Settings: Community organizations and facilities  

-Liturgical Settings: Dance Ministries

Ballet Class

Develop Curriculum

We can develop curriculum units based on the National Dance Standards and/or your county standards.  We can also provide curriculum modifications to accommodate diversified instruction, technical levels, and learners with disabilities. 

Units could include the following:

-Dance History: Study the different eras, Political/Social influences, and Dance Pioneers

-Technique: Learn the fundamentals of ballet, jazz, and modern 

-Composition: Learn and practice elements of dance composition

-Assessments/Evaluations: Create objectives and assess results

-Performance: Learn Stage Directions, Performance/Theater etiquette,  and Performance qualities 

-Dance Critics: Respond/ Analyze to a dance presentation 

-Wellness: Learn healthy habits , Physical and Emotional health, and Self-esteem 

-Anatomy: Learn how your body works

Ballet Dancers

Organize/ Coordinate Performing Arts Events

We can organize/coordinate events that need performing artists. Using our resources we will compile the best artists and display professionalism on every occasion. 

We can provide the following services: 
-Employ artists and technicians
-Establish budget
-Negotiate Contracts
-Create timelines 
-Develop content

Theater Group

Provide Performing Artists

We can provide performing artists for any dance related occasions. 

-Fashion Shows
-Photo Shoots
-Music Videos 
-Casting Calls

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